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What does “Do not show start and end date and time in the registration process, on order confirmation and (invoice)” mean?

If you do not want to see your event dates in the registration process and the order confirmation, you can hide these by ticking the box under “Event”. In addition, the date and time of the event will not be displayed, if you use the Conference Manager invoice module.

When using this feature, you can organise an event where some of your participants will attend on day 1 and day 2 of the event, while other participants will only participate on day 2.

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How do I hide my application in the sign up process?

If the program is not shown in the enrolment process, you can click on “Arrangement” and “Program” at the top right. Edit and define whether or not the program is part of the registration process, and whether there are only a few participant categories to be presented to the program.

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Can I hide the program from some participant categories and not others?

Under “Arrangements” and “Programs” you can select “Edit” in the right corner and define that only selected participant categories, and not all, will be presented to the program.

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