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How can I see what I’ve made on my website?

Under the menu item “Website” you can access “activation” where you can see your website as “Live preview”. However, you have to consider all of the fields that are yellow in the overview image under “Website” before you can preview.

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How large should my photos be?

General: For performance reasons, Conference Manager has a maximum image size of 940 x 940 pixels. In practice, it means that all images on one or both sides exceed 940 pixels will be scaled down (on both sides in order to avoid distortion). If there is a need to display longer images, this can be done by cutting the image into multiple bits, up to 940 pixels, and place them immediately after each other. Thus, the image will appear as one large, but actually be composed of several smaller ones.

Top image: To match the width of the site, the top image should be 940 pixels wide. Normally, we recommend that the image does not exceed 180 pixels in height, but you decide yourself.

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Can I change the language on my website?

Conference Manager supports Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English, German and Chinese. You define the language in the system under event, setup and settings. The language you choose will then be the language that appears on your website. Note that you still have to manually write your texts in the chosen language to the site. All default texts generated by the system will also be in the language you defined during the setup.

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