Become a certified Conference Manager user

Become a super-user and manage all your events faster, smarter and cheaper!

Do you want to be an expert in using Conference Manager and making the most of the system?
– then sign up for a CME (Conference Manager Expert) course.

The courses are held on weekdays from 9:00 to 16:00. Please find location under each respective course.
You will leave with renewed energy to effectively and seamlessly handle the entire event process.

The course is aimed for companies and associations that organise courses, conferences, events, sales meetings, fairs, presentations and the like.
The course gives you detailed insight into “best practice” in conference and event-planning, in order for you to avoid the time-consuming pitfalls.

The course is a hands-on course, where you – after a thorough introduction – solve tasks in the system yourself, with the supervisor on the side,naturally. By doing so you become confidential with the program.

Courses are completed with a test. Those who pass the test are certified and will receive a course certificate.

Company visit

Do you want a more detailed review of how you can organise your event with Conference Manager’s registration system? Then a company visit and business review might be the solution.
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