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How do I upload participants to the attendance list?

If you your potential participants are gathered in Excel, you can upload them to the invitation list. Under “Invite & Remind” -> “Upload Participant” you can choose between group mail or personal emails. Group mail is where many individuals are attached with one email addresses. Personal e-mails are where each e-mail address only applies to one person.

When uploading a participant, you must define which columns match your personal information fields, and the information entered into the system, are also pre-filled in for each participant, when they enter the registration process. You must be aware that the Excel file can cause problem,s if there are hyperlinks in it (it depends on the version) and there must not be more email addresses in the same cell.

By default, duplicates are sorted out (identical emails) but if you wish to upload an e-mail several times, you can select “Accept multiple occurrences of the same email address” and the system will overlook duplicates.

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How do I put a link in my invitation?

Once you have created an invitation under “Invite and reminder” you will be able to insert a sign-up link, no-thanks link, or links to other pages on your website. Touch the “Insert link” button in the toolbar. Here you can choose the pre-defined links to the front page or the sign-up page so that the participant can enter and sign up immediately, or to one of the other pages of the website, e.g program, location, etc. You can also add a “no thanks “link to the invitation, to those invited who are not able to participate. Another option is to add your own link to a website, you choose. Here you simply type the address into the website you want to link to.

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What does misplaced mail mean?

Failed mail can be sent invitations, emails, receipt messages, etc., which has not been delivered to the recipient. The reasons that the mail is not delivered, can be several. If Conference Manager is able to identify the cause, it will be specified under the individual failed mail. Failed mail can also refer to unsubscribed text messages that could not be delivered.

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How do I remove the “yellow” failed mail?

Click on “Sent Mail” and in the menu “Sent Mail”, click on the numbers in the yellow box in order to see the reason for the failed mail. Here, you also have the opportunity to update and re-send participants’ email. You can also access the failed mail via the individual participants in the participant list by clicking on their name and clicking on “read more”. Here you have the opportunity to ignore the failed mail or go to “Sent Mail” and edit email address and send again.

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