Create your own registration website

Use our designer to create a unique website where your participants sign up for the event while receiving important information and reviewing the choices you have prepared for them in the system.

Easy and intuitive setup

All registration websites are based on a theme template, that you can enhance and change to your bespoke liking. Change colours and fonts, and add texts, images and more.

The website elements make it quick and easy to place content on the website pages. Drag the elements into the page and add the content. It’s playfully easy.

What you see is what you get

Our website designer reflects directly on the registration website. This means that the site instantly gets the setup and customization you add, adapting all content automatically to the monitors and devices used by participants.


Take advantage of the ready-made setup options. With a few clicks, the pages adapt in perfect sections. Simply add your material, and move on quickly.

Custom design solutions

Do you want your very own template that is tailored to your branding, or do you go with a design solution for a stand-alone event?

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