On-site registration at the event

With CM Exhibition you provide your exhibitors the opportunity to easily register leads, and as organizer you can conduct arrival registration by scanning the participants’ tickets.


If you wish to collect leads at the event, or if tickets are an entry requirement for the event, the app is an easy and useful tool just to have in your pocket.

Scan leads

Scan bar or QR codes on tickets and name tags with the camera function.

Contact information

The contact information is automatically saved and added to the registration list.

Add comments

Write a detailed comment to keep track of the conversation for later follow-up.

Arrival registration

Scan tickets or name tags and keep track of time of arrival, balances and participant categories.

Search for participants

Participants, who have lost or forgotten their tickets, can easily be found by searching by name, mail or ID.

Scanning participants

During a fair, it is easy to stay in touch with those, who visit your booth.

Scan participants’ name tags or ticket, and get the contact information directly on the phone.

Arrival registration

With arrival registration you can easily and quickly register the participants’ arrival at your event. Keep track of arrival times, payments and categories of participants.

See the registrations in the system

With arrival registration, you can handle events with several thousand registrations and keep track of arrival times, payments and participant categories on multiple screens simultaneously.

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Bring the event with you everywhere

Offer your participants a manageable and easy overview of the events, and the ticket close at hand.

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